Whirling Turning Spinning

Published in: Imagine Magazine, volume 14, March/April 2007

Whirling turning spinning
in the glowing light ahead
Whirling turning spinning
in the face of God.


She follows death where she pleases.
Blinking crying seeing
Tiny spot in starry universe.
Blinking crying seeing
as she follows in the tread of death.


Reading writing listening
You want to sit away
writing shades of white–
Well, it is not understood
You’re not antisocial
And you know of delight and joy.
But you delight in a joy different
from everyone else’s
Reading writing listening and
so you’re strange because you’re not
the same.


Listening seeing spinning
tiny spot in the universe.
Helpless as sweat pours
over skin and the world
is spinning seeing listening
But when will we know what it hears?
Church bells ringing, my ears softly singing
an ode to the earth and the sky and the
unknown beyond.


Thinking musing feeling
Thoughts are speculation.
Facts are suppositions.
People assume their intelligence
extraordinary, like orbiting
satellites and spaceships and
those little atoms
whirling turning spinning
within infinite orbital.
But we are only animals
craving food and the need
to reproduce, just like everyone else.


Absorbing searching probing
How forlorn a warm empty bed seems!
Sheets thrown back and her scent and heat
though she’s gone and it seems
she’ll never come back.
Absorbing searching probing
She is off following death’s trail
and her foot gets caught in his step and
C’EST DOMMAGE! she cries to life.


can be death’s hymn.
And life’s hymn can be
Shouted desperately through
generations of shaking nervous fingers.
Shaking quivering shivering.


Whirling turning spinning
in the glowing light ahead.
Whirling turning spinning
in the face of God

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