Understand This

If you must leave now–
Understand that I don’t care a fink for your wink
or give an eye for your sigh.
Understand that I won’t care if you’re gone;
I couldn’t give a toe for all your woes.
If now to leave my life you must–
Understand that as far as I’m concerned you can go
where you please.
Though perhaps you were kind, perhaps a bit smart,
there’s others like you I can find, more cunning, less tart.
Understand that even if you were a bit funny,
it’s not necessarily true that vinegar’s worse than honey.
If you choose to be so selfish as to from my life part–
Understand that there’s nothing special about you,
in any shape or way.
Understand that if I had a genie,
I’d wish you to stay.
I don’t really care for the way that you look, but
understand this, from more than a thousand it’s you that I took.
Understand that you’re lovely, though of course you have faults,
such as disappearing, as into pillars of salt.
If you feel that you’re trapped, and I need to move on–
Understand that I love how you talk, fingers stroking the air.
I tried not to tell you, but oh well, there it is, it’s there.
Understand that I love you, and didn’t want you to know,
only now that you’re leaving,
understand that I wish you not to go.

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