On a Dark Night

The wind draws your skirt toward it;
surrounds you in swirls.

“Come, I am your host. Come and visit life’s secrets.”

The Romanian cleans his teeth,
spattered with a red stain.

Splatters of crooked light,
splitting the night in quarters.

In the laboratory down Baker Street,
the madman regards colorful chemistry
as another extols on the wonders of logic.

The dog outside howls for mercy;
is he wolf or human? Will he ever find his place?

Satan cracks open the velvet sky
and the tears of his victims splash down to curse the world.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your guard!

Snow White, Snow White, fleeing in fright!

Pale fragments of what once may have lived
cursed lives not yet dead.

Haunting. Waiting.

They cannot reveal who they are.

They are afraid of who they are.

So, they use masks to deceive–
Mardi Gras masks on All Hallow’s Eve.